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Frequently asked questions

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Is PulseBanner free?

Yes! PulseBanner is free to use forever. However, you can unlock more features and customization by upgrading to a PulseBanner Membership.

How does PulseBanner work?

PulseBanner uses the official Twitch APIs to get notified when you start and stop streaming. Then the official Twitter API is used to update your Twitter profile.

Why does PulseBanner need so many Twitter permissions?

Twitter does not have a granular permission system. This means that granting some permissions requires granting all permissions. Twitter understands this is a flawed system and are working to change it.

Do you plan support YouTube or

Due to limitations of both the YouTube and APIs, we do not currently have plans to add support for these platforms.

What does the PulseBanner Live Banner do?

Once enabled, your Twitter banner will update when you start broadcasting on Twitch. Your banner will revert back to your current banner image when your stream ends.

Why didn't my banner change even though I am live?

If you enabled your banner during a stream, your banner will automatically change the next time you stream.

What is banner refreshing?

Refresh speed means how often PulseBanner will re-render your Live Banner and update it on Twitter. This way, the stream preview on your banner will update as you stream.

Why is the thumbnail on my banner not updating?

Since rendering banners is expensive, banner refreshing is only available for PulseBanner Members.

Is Live Profile Picture feature free?

No, the Live Profile Picture is available to PulseBanner Members only.

Is the Name Changer feature free?

Yes, the Name Changer is free to use! Upgrade to a PulseBanner Membership to fully customize your live name.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes! You can cancel/pause/upgrade/downgrade your subscription anytime with a click of a button. No question asked.

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