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A PulseBanner Membership makes the perfect gift for streamers!

Once purchased, gifts are easily shared using a unique link.

Perfect for giveaways, no shipping needed!

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Just like you, the people behind PulseBanner are creators. And like you, we rely on PulseBanner Memberships to keep improving and maintaining PulseBanner.

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Frequently asked questions

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How are Gifts redeemed?

Gifts are redeemed with the unique redemption link. Once you purchase a Gift, you will recieve the redemption link, along with instructions for how to share and redeem gifts.

Can I redeem a gift if I already have a subscription?

If you already have a subscription, you cannot redeem a gift.

Are Membership Gifts refundable?

Once a Membership Gift has been redeemed, it cannot be refunded.

Is PulseBanner free?

Yes! PulseBanner is free to use forever. However, you can unlock more features and customization by upgrading to a PulseBanner Membership.

How does PulseBanner work?

PulseBanner uses the official Twitch APIs to get notified when you start and stop streaming. Then the official Twitter API is used to update your Twitter profile.

Why does PulseBanner need so many Twitter permissions?

Twitter does not have a granular permission system. This means that granting some permissions requires granting all permissions. Twitter understands this is a flawed system and are working to change it.

Do you plan support YouTube or

Due to limitations of both the YouTube and APIs, we do not currently have plans to add support for these platforms.

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